Major Global Issues and Challenges - 国際社会研究演習 - The Rise of China – Seminar Handouts and Extra Readings

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Arab Spring, Chinese Winter
Just after the streets of Tunisia and Egypt erupted, China saw a series of “Jasmine” protests—until the government stopped them cold. Its methods were subtler than they had been at Tiananmen Square, and more insidious. Was the regime’s defensive reaction just paranoia? Or is the Chinese public less satisfied—and more combustible—than it appears?

Arguments for and against fearing the rise of China
Bad Earth: the human cost of pollution in China – in pictures

Big trouble in rural China: Data reveals greater the wealth gap the higher the crime rate, and Hong Kong is feeling the effects
Children of the Revolution
China's 'princelings,' the offspring of the communist party elite, are embracing the trappings of wealth and privilege—raising uncomfortable questions for their elders.

China Air Quality Study Has Good News and Bad News

China military budget 'to rise 10%'
China's Environmental Crisis

China’s military rise
China's princelings versus tuanpai
China's rise as a regional and global power: The AIIB and the 'one belt, one road' (2015)
Chinese demand changing terms of global competition for seafood
Mark Godfrey warns of pressure on both the price and global supply of seafood as ambitious Chinese fisheries companies scour the seas to secure stocks for consumption and export

Chinese smog bomb floats toward Japan (2013)
Toxic haze poses 'no immediate' health risks but solutions elude
Collision course? Rise of China a stress for the US
How China’s fishermen are fighting a covert war in the South China Sea

In pictures: China's Wealth Gap

Inside China’s Plan for a Military That Can Counter U.S. Muscle
Chinese President Xi Jinping seeks a ‘tectonic’ shakeup of the world's largest fighting force

Is China the Fastest-Rising Power in History?
Is war with China inevitable? (2016)

Opening the floodgates (2013)
The great rivers of China are being dammed, regardless of the consequences
Pollution crisis is choking the Chinese economy
The Asian colossus is losing 6.5 percent of GDP to pollution-rated costs.
Q&A: China and the Tibetans (2011)
Since the Chinese army marched into majority Tibetan territory in 1950, relations between the communist authorities and Tibetans have been strained.
Report: China’s 1 Percent Owns 1/3 of Wealth
A report from Peking University warns that China’s social inequality is getting worse.

Studies Point to Inequalities That Could Strain Chinese Society
Tensions in the East China Sea!/conflict/tens...
The Fishing Community at the Centre of China’s Maritime Conflict
The Panama Papers and the French villa at the heart of a Chinese scandal
Panama Papers detail the efforts made to conceal the true owner of the property – the wife of disgraced politician Bo Xilai

The Rise of China vs. the Rise of the Chinese
How is China’s rise benefiting China’s people?
"Time to Worry about China's Military Rise" (2014)
2 Charts That Put the Chinese Pollution Crisis in Perspective
Understanding the Impacts of China’s Upper Mekong Dams
Vietnam warns of dire impact from planned Mekong dams
Study indicates ‘very high adverse effects’ on the environment and economy if 11 proposed dams are built on the lower mainstream Mekong river
What Bo Xilai's Rise and Fall Says About China (2013)
A sensational political scandal comes to an end with the politician's life sentence. But this may not be the last we hear of him.

Who Are China's 'Princelings'?
Princelings are often talked about as a bloc, but in truth there are several different kinds.
Why is there tension between China and the Uighurs?
The Xinjiang autonomous region in China's far west has had a long history of discord between the authorities and the indigenous ethnic Uighur population.
Why Tibet Remains The Core Issue In China-India Relations (2014)
Despite booming two-way trade, strategic discord and rivalry between China and India is sharpening. At the core of their divide is Tibet, an issue that fuels territorial disputes, border tensions and water feuds.
Wife of disgraced China party chief Bo Xilai given life for killing Briton
Will China's Rise Lead to War?

Xinjiang territory profile – overview
China's Xinjiang province is the country's most westerly region, bordering on the former Soviet states of Central Asia, as well as several other states including Afghanistan, Russia, and Mongolia.