Major Global Issues and Challenges - 国際社会研究演習 - Africa (the Key Challenges and Problems) – Basic Introductory Reading

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Africa in Transition (2007) [6 PAGES]
Facing the Challenges of Globalization
Africa’s Conflict Zones (Interactive Map)

Africa’s Economy (2003)
Africa receives about a third of the total aid given by governments around the world, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Africa’s Economy (2003)

Africa’s Economy (2003)
Poverty - Poverty is at the heart of Africa's problems. This is an overview of some of the economic challenges facing the continent.

Africa’s Economy (2003)
Africa is rich in natural resources such as minerals, timber and oil, but trade with the rest of the world is often difficult.

Africa’s Food Crisis (2003)

Causes of Conflict in Africa (2001)
Critical Issues Facing Africa: Governance and Corruption

Critical Issues Facing Africa: Terrorism, War, and Political Violence (2015)

Tackling Africa's economic problems (2011)
The Story of Africa - Independence
After the Second World War people in Africa wanted change. Only Egypt, Liberia and Ethiopia were independent at that point. But it was Indian self-rule which triggered the momentum leading to independence. Everywhere the mood was hopeful as people were inspired by the vision of a new society free of European control.
The Story of Africa - Independence Timeline
The Story of Africa - Post-Independence
For many African countries, the transition from colony to independent state was not easy. Every new state contained all sorts of conflicting interests, competing power bases and ethnic groups. Africa's nationalists had, on the whole, accepted the boundaries drawn up in the 1880's. But these were boundaries which cut across ethnic groups and across the grazing grounds of cattle owning people.
Top challenges facing Africa today (2016)

What’s the biggest challenge for Africa in 2015? (2014)