Presentations, Public Speaking, and Debates - Advice and Suggestions

Presentations and Debates - Advice and Suggestions

Making Presentations - Advice and Suggestions
Before you give a presentation - CHECKLIST  [RECOMMENDED]
Deliver better presentations [RECOMMENDED]
Design Tips for PowerPoint  [RECOMMENDED]
18 Tips for Killer [Great] Presentations [RECOMMENDED]
9 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Students [RECOMMENDED]
7 Presentation Tips for Students [RECOMMENDED] 
Top 5 PowerPoint Tips for Student Presentations in School [RECOMMENDED]
[VIDEO]  How to give the BEST PowerPoint presentation!  [RECOMMENDED]
[VIDEO] HOW TO Give a Great Presentation - 7 Presentation Skills and Tips to Leave an Impression
[VIDEO] Presentation Good/Bad Examples [RECOMMENDED]
Basic Debating Skills [RECOMMENDED]
Complete Guide to Debating: How to Improve your Debating Skills
5 Tips for Winning a Debate

How to Perform Well in a Debate   [RECOMMENDED]
10 Debate Techniques To Improve Your Negotiation Skills
[VIDEO] Debating Skills: develop the opposing argument [RECOMMENDED]
This is a powerful technique, anytime you need to present a persuasive case (as in a debate) that completely takes away any footing from your opposition.
[VIDEO] 4 essential body language tips from a world champion public speaker [RECOMMENDED]
[VIDEO] Top 10 Debate Tips from Wellesley College [RECOMMENDED]

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